Solder Paste Inspection

The need in solder paste inspection

Printing process responsible for over 60% of end line defects.

The solder paste inspection system ensures early detection of paste defects and continuous monitoring of the printing process. The use of SPI will reduce a repair cost by 10 times or more.




ALeader 5D SPI

  • Full inspection coverage and 3D measurement for all types of paste deposits down to the smallest sizes of 01005 and micro-BGA pads
  • Supports fastest SMT lines, 3FOV/sec (FOV size 30.72 mm x 30.72 mm)
  • Automatic operation, fast board handling
  • Easily achievable high FPY with no escapes
  • Ultra-fast programming

5D – simultaneous 2D and 3D paste inspection

Simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection guarantees full inspection coverage with the most accurate measurement of height, area and volume of the paste deposits



Phase Measuring Profilometry Technology

  • Superiority over traditional triangulation technology
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Noise resistance
  • High focus range



Shadow Free

Bi-directional light projection eliminates shadow and irregular reflection effects



Warpage free

The system accurately calculates the PCB warpage and compensates accordingly by moving the Z axis in a real-time, fully automated process



FOV uniformity

Over 90% brightness uniformity across the FOV. High measurement accuracy is consistent throughout all parts of the PCB



Insensitivity to the PCB color

ALeader’s SPI advanced optical system guarantees the same superior level of performance on PCBs of any color


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