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We believe that AOI should be judged in the PCB production environment and not in demonstrations or presentations.

Therefore we have put years of research to develop ALeader optics to overcome the real inspection challenges from genuine production situations.

Overcoming production inspection challenges

The modern production challenges inspections in many different ways. Today’s PCB’s are denser and more components are shadow. Due to the fact that PCB’s have different colors and contain different colored  components in which LED are among the common components. Warpage is common due to thin PCB’s or production on thin layers like metal sheets or for thick PCB’s that gets warped in the reflow.

There are component when the soldering is between the pads and the IC. Connectors, SOP’s and other components are soldered from the side as well.

Non common packages are also available.

It is clear that each location like that will not be tested will result  an Escape defect, while at the same time each solution come out perfectly  will cause false calls.

ALeader the industry pioneer for modern production. Presenting a simple, solid solution for all the cases listed above.

eader engineers realize that there are always shadow areas on all PCBs; boards are not always green but can be any colour; warpage is major part of production; inspection of LEDs is becoming more prevalent these days and there are many other inspection challenges throughout circuit board production. Aleader AOI overcomes all these challenges and many more. Consistent component definitions give excellent results and caters for all of these process variations, without compromising ease of programming and false call levels or allowing escapes.

ALeader AOI ensures that you can inspect all need to be inspected with low false calls and zero escapes.

All inspection challenges from production environment are covered by our advanced technology and they are no challenge for the programmer.

ALeader shadow free technology

Almost all PCBs have tall component next to smaller ones and can be affected by shadows.
ALeader i3D patented optic solves all of these shadow problems.

Unique optic design with the finest telecentric lens, camera and image processing card overcomes all shadowing challenges.


On the left there is RF Antenna with a small component above. Regardless of height, all components are in focus.
On the right there is a tall capacitor where both the soldering and the characters on the top are in focus.

ALeader warp free technology


Thin or thick PCBs will tend to warp following the reflow process. Only ALeader i3D technology overcomes all warpage effect with no additional debug.

Warpage can affect the focus.

Warpage can influence the topography.

With long focal depth and the analysis of soldering topography used in Aleader i3D technology change, process variations caused by PCB warpage are not a problem for Aleader.

Aleader LED Technology

LEDs are becoming more common in today's technology. When LEDs are used, we would like they work correctly.


  • Wire bonding is not disconnected.
  • Correct polarity.
  • Offset – many times even a small offset will effect the symmetry in the eye and will show as a defect in the final assembly.
  • Damaged LEDs - not normally visible until powered up.

ALeader LED technology can check inside the LED package enabling easy verification of the wire bonding and polarity.

With ALeader high accuracy (confirmed by independent CeTaQ certificatation) it is easy to precisely measure device offset.

ALeader connector, IC and varied component solution

There are ICs on each PCB their soldering may not form the classic meniscus shape.

Typical examples can be connectors or different kinds of SOP where the soldering is from the side of the leads and not from the front. Wide ICs are another example where the soldering is between the pad and the device itself. Switches are another example where soldering is surrounding the device.

With ALeader i3D technology it is easy to detect the soldering on the side and beneath those components.


ALeader polarity detection

ALeader technology enables detection of polarity on all component types. Many current AOI technologies cannot ensure stability of polarity checks. In production there are many components that have poor polarity or laser marking. There are also components exai10with different colours that make it hard to detect polarity. ALeader apply advance technology for polarity detection this technology is based on:

  • i3D Optic
    1. Enhancing the polarity mark and reducing the background noise by the optic design
    2. Insensitivity to component colours
  • Algorithmic filters – Filter the background noises automatically using advanced algorithms
  • Detection algorithmic solutions – Using two simple & stable detection algorithms to detect polarity

Advanced OCV for polarity detection


ALeader Optical Character Verification (OCV) detection

ALeader technology enables detection of OCV on all component types and on over 99% of components during a production batch. ALeader customers define the standard OCV check for each part number.

Many current AOI technology cannot ensure stability when checking OCV\OCR. In production false calls can raise to a level where the operator prefer to not use this check and it will be disabled. This can lead to escapes when wrong parts are mounted on the PCB.

ALeader Apply OCV solution advantages:

  • Stability through production batches
  • Automatic setting by the algorithm
  • Can automatically define each letter separately to achieve Optical Character Recognition (OCR) effect and advantages.

Our impressive achievements are:

  • i3D Optic
    1. Enhancing the character's mark and reducing the background noise by optic design
    2. Insensitivity to component colours
  • Automatic algorithmic filters setting – filter the background noises automatically using advanced algorithms
  • Advanced detection algorithmic


Insensitivity to PCB Components and PCB colours

i3D is capable of inspecting all PCB colours.exai80

i3D is capable of inspecting all component colours.

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