Escape Free technology


ALeader's innovative escape free technology minimizes the need for programmer decisions, thus significantly reducing the potential for programmer error. Furthermore, the technology applies innovative software that "observes" programmer decisions and alerts when they cause escapes. The software also oversees programmers' decisions and alerts when these increase the false alarm rate. The result is programs with no escapes.
Escape free technology also reduces the false call rate to values between 0 and 1 for a single PCB (comprised of approximately 1000 components), with a high first pass yield.

Causes of escapes

ALeader’s solution


Detects all defects


·     Eliminates debugging for 85% of all PCB parts

·     The remaining 15% - clearly distinguishes between the defects and the normal population

Programmer errors

Checks programmer decisions, avoids errors during debugging

False calls

Prevents the programmer from altering tolerances during debugging

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