ALeader programming methods

Imagine how would your production look like if your AOI programing would be able to carry out the following:

  1.  Automatic programing of the PCB in about 10 minutes
  2. No Debug
  3. Escape free
  4. No special cases or component when programing is long
  5. 10 Minutes from end of production of the first PCB until machine is scanning

ALeader machine turns the future into the present by providing the following:

  1.      Automatic programing of ~90% of locations on the PCB
  2.      Debug free technology
  3.      Escape free technology
  4.      There are no components\packages that can not be programmed easily
  5.       About 10 minuets after the first PCB was produced Machine can scan

Each company declares that Its AOI programing is simple, intuitive, fast etc. ALeader innovative programing technology presents a measurable way to test programing. The objective is to have any user achieve the same results.Means should be few decisions and clear cut decisions.Multiply the number of decisions with their complexity in a scale of 1-30 and your programing ease of use.This will apply the escape rate and the false calls rate per component.

Add the “i” to your programing

The implementation of ALeaders's innovative i3D, debug free, escape free and false alarms control technologies allows programmers to easily achieve:
Virtually no escapes
• An extremely low false calls rate
• A high first pass yield in the shortest time as compared with all other technologies available on the market.

ALeader's programming, based on i3D technology that includes height comparison, coplanarity test and shape analysis, achieves 5 main goals:
Minimum defined decision – independent of programmers' skills
• No escapes
• Low false calls rate
• High first pass yield
• More than 90% of the PCB is debug free

Aleader's goal is for different programmers to produce the same result. This is achieved by minimizing the number of decisions that each programmer makes, and making each decision clear cut. This reduces the chances that a programmer will make different decisions, and produces a consistent result.
At present, none of the AOI companies refer to false call rates and escape free programming in their marketing and sales efforts. We believe these are highly important features for our clients.
Programming with ALeader ensures that each programmer employed by any customer will achieve these results, and not only an application engineer in a demonstration setting; real production is the important measure of an AOI system.
Example: A typical customer, within 2 months from the purchase the of machine, will achieve a false call rate of less than 1 false call for a PCB comprising 1000 components (as opposed to 1000 opportunities), with a high pass rate and virtually no escapes.

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