Pre reflow solution

Pre Reflow Inspection prevent defects

production line

Pre-reflow / post-placement solution

ALeader's AOI was designed for implementation after placement and before reflow as well. In addition to detecting all types of defects, it can also perform solder paste inspection at this phase of the process, and is suitable for use as a first article machine (first PCB after the placement check).

 Advantages of pre-reflow

• Easy to repair

• Allows avoiding repetitive mistakes earlier in the process

• Allows avoiding shadow from RF shielding, closed RF shielding, etc.

When to use pre-reflow

• When boards cannot be repaired, for regulatory or other reasons, as in the case of many automotive boards
• When there is sensitivity to heat that can damage the board or its components
• When producing expensive boards, where repairs may damage the entire board
• When there is shadow after placement of closed RF shielding

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