Optical Inspection Solutions

ALeader delivers a comprehensive solution for customer production environment


Central server configuration

  • Programs, inspection and verification result, process control data is stored on the central server
  • Information can be loaded on any station or machine

In-line and offline AOI systems share the same library and programs

  • Software application and optics is the same on both systems
  • Programs created on one system can be used on another without additional modifications and adjustments

Offline station

  • Creation of new program while line is running
  • Adjusting the program while the line is running
  • Post batch debugging – improving the program based on inspection history
  • Ability to control multiple lines from the single offline station

Repair stations for defect verification

  • Ensure the operator will not miss the defect found by AOI
  • Operator can easily find component on the board
  • Clear component image for reliable verification. In most cases operator doesn’t need a real board to take decision
  • Standard component image
  • Inspection history review
  • Operator feedback
  • Possibility to use one repair station for multiple AOI machines

Communication between SPI and the printer for printing process continuous control and improvement

Communication between SPI and AOI for the process adjustment

Software process control for defect prevention

  • Various Defect Analysis Report
  • Yield reports
  • Cp, Cpk, Gauge R&R calculations
  • Machine status reports
  • Reports per line
  • Verification summary
  • DPMO analysis
  • Alerts

Site Dashboard for real-time production monitor

  • Designed to deliver and present real time SMT information to production managers.
  • The application is using AOI inspection results as an input, analyzing the data and presents it to the user in convenient, transparent manner.
  • In addition, the system has ability to produce some important reports as well as to alert user about the quality issues in the production line

First Article Inspection solution

  • Used as an independent verification of the new product quality before starting the mass production
  • The purpose of this inspection is to verify that the specification and design requirements are completely understood and properly implemented in the production process.
  • Designed as an offline application, using the board image from the AOI system and allows part-by-part verification against the BOM and board schematics. AOI system utilization is not affected


  • Full traceability of the inspection result. Presented information can be filtered by barcode, date and time, program and batch
  • System creates a file in various formats to summarize each scan. The file can be used by any ERM system in the factory


  • Integrated 1D & 2D barcode by camera reading as a standard option on every machine
  • Outside barcode scanner can be used
  • Barcodes for multi-boards
  • Loading the inspection program according to barcode
  • Use barcode read on the opposite side for single and multi-board application
  • Loading inspection result according to a barcode on verification station and SPC
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